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The analog sandbox
Do analog engineers have more fun than their digital cohorts? I think so, and at the risk of touching off an argument, I offer the following Design Ideas that make good candidates for what I consider an analogger's idea of "fun."For starters, obtaining gain—lots of gain— poses some amusing challenges. Author Jerome E. Johnston of Cirrus Logic shows how a "Chopper... (more) Details... more...
Power apps, Prony rides, and the usual batch of good links
This batch of Design Ideas deals mostly with power. A friend related an incident at a design review, in which the lead engineer informed a corporate exec that the project was only 3 dB over its budget. The exec went away happy (for the moment), and the engineer muttered, "That's a factor of two, because money equals power."Our leadoff Design Idea, "Exte... (more) Details... more...
Many LEDs, wandering mag fields, and USB juice
Medieval theologians may have argued about how many angels could dance on a pinhead, but contributors to Design Ideas seem focused on driving more LEDs with fewer microprocessor I/O ports. Here we go again, with the latest and possibly last (for a while) entry in the category. This time, authors Nedjeljko Lekic and Zoran Mijanovic show us that “Three microcontroller ports drive 12 LEDs Details... more...