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ISSI samples 36 - Mbit no - wait state synchronous SRAMs
ISSI has launched a family of 36-Mbit high speed synchronous SRAMs that are available in 2Mx18 and 1Mx36 configurations, and offered in no-wait synchronous SRAM or standard synchronous SRAM. Details... more...
600 - V high - voltage ICs integrate protection features
International Rectifier has introduced a set of next-generation 600-V high-voltage integrated circuits (HVIC) dubbed the IRS212x family that is suitable for motor control applications at low-, mid- and high-voltage levels and in a variety of circuit topologies, including three-phase inverter, H-bridge, and other topologies using MOS-gated power devices. Details... more...
SBCs combine VMEbus architecture with Intel processing
GE Fanuc Embedded Systems announced the VP11 and VR11 6U VMEbus single board computers, each featuring a choice of Intel dual core processors, including the Intel Core2 Duo processor. Details... more...